Brand Ownership

Brand Ownership is our most comprehensive brand development program designed to empower you to fully own your brand so that you can confidently pursue and achieve success. 

Branding Redefined:  Our brand development process is based on the knowledge that authentic brands are those that move beyond a focus on perception to a focus on giving clients and customers the gift of expectation.   Building substance and essence creates opportunities and lets your clients know that your brand is undeniably capable, willing and certain to deliver for them.

 What To Expect:  We do not create brands for our clients.  We do provide a hybrid of coaching and consulting sessions to help YOU build your brand.  Our model of partnership and accountability pushes our clients out of their comfort zone as we work to develop the ultimate brand for them.

 Are You Ready?  Our clients are entrepreneurs of service businesses who desire authenticity and partnership and are ready to take their business to the next level.  As a partner, clients must commit time, track their own progress, and be ready to be challenged.   

 The Brand Ownership program is offered as an individual and group program.  During eleven 25-minute coaching and consulting sessions, we guide you through intense brand development.

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